Occasionally, all the elements that define a place – soil, terrain, climate – come together harmoniously at one special site. Decades of experience and close attention to detail enable us to identify these places, then to tailor vineyard design, plant materials and precision farming to each cru.

Anne Katherina Vineyard, Carneros AVA

Blue Farm takes its name from the blue farmhouse at Anne Moller-Racke's home in Carneros and the vineyard there is called Anne Katherina. In 2001, Anne planted seven acres of Pinot Noir divided into three blocks dedicated to the Swan clone and three Dijon clones. The Dijon 115 contributes perfume and power; the Swan fills the wine's middle, adding body and textural layers and the Dijon 667 and 777 lend structure. Together they produce one complete wine from the Anne Katherina vineyard.

Closest Town: Downtown Sonoma; AVA: Carneros; Varietal: Pinot Noir; Planted: 2001; Clone(s): Swan, Dijon 115, 667 & 777; Rootstock: 101-14; Soil Type: Gravely clay loam; Aspect: Flat; Row Orientation: East/West.

1861 Vineyard, Sonoma Valley AVA

This vineyard is named both for its street address and coincidentally for the year in which Agoston Haraszthy was appointed by California's governor to "promote the improvement and growth of the grapevine" in the state. 1861 vineyard is planted on a plateau in the hills a thousand feet above the Sonoma plaza. Less than half an acre, the small site divides itself naturally into two blocks, one rockier than the other. The site is planted to the Pommard clone and on 101-14 rootstock with a narrow spacing of 4' x 5'. Marine influence from both the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay, frequently with foggy mornings, allowing the delicate Pinot Noir to strive in this rugged hillside setting.

Closest Town: Downtown Sonoma; AVA: Sonoma Valley; Varietal: Pinot Noir; Planted: 2008; Clone(s): Pommard; Rootstock: 101-14; Soil Type: Rocky loam; Aspect: Southern; Row Orientation: South/North.

Gaps' Crown Vineyard, Sonoma Coast AVA

Gap’s Crown is one of the highly acclaimed Sonoma Coast Vineyards. Perched on the western edge of Sonoma Mountain at as much as 840 ft, above sea level, the vineyard takes advantage of the steep Sonoma Mountain hillside. Our Chardonnay block is planted on one of the steepest parts of the vineyard, giving it the needed afternoon sun to ripen on such a cool site. We have two Pinot Noir blocks that compliment each other and add complexity to the wine. Our 667 block is on the northern part of the vineyard at higher elevation, west facing. This selection brings great perfume and flesh to the blend. Our 777 block is close to the south east corner of the vineyard on gravely clay loam. The tiny berries are the backbone, giving the wine its structure.

Closest Town: Petaluma; AVA: Sonoma Coast; Varietals: Chardonnay & Pinot Noir; Planted: Early 2000s; Clone(s): Dijon 75 - Chardonnay and Dijon 667 & 777 - Pinot Noir; Rootstock: Riperia Glorie; Soil Type: Brown Clay Loam & Goulding Series; Row Orientation: East/West.

King Ridge Vineyard, Fort Ross-Seaview AVA

King Ridge vineyard is tucked away on the northwestern reach of the Sonoma Coast. The AVA is Fort Ross-Seaview. At 1100 ft elevation and 5 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. We are excited to be working with 2 acres of this spectacular vineyard. Tightly spaced vines on Goldridge soils, superbly farmed create wines that have tension and richness, balance and edginess.

Closest Town: Cazadero; AVA: Fort Ross-Seaview; Varietal: Pinot Noir; Planted: Early 2000s; Clone(s): Pommard & Bacigalupi; Rootstock: 420 A & 3309; Soil Type: Goulding Series; Aspect: Bacigalupi and Pommard/ East Sloping; Row Orientation: East / West.

Laceroni Vineyard, Russian River AVA

Laceroni vineyard is nestled in the deep south western part of the Russian River Valley close to the town of Graton. The vineyard was planted in the mid 2000’s. The cool climate and the typical Gold ridge soil give this wine its character. Soft rolling hills, protected from direct sunlight, allowing for slow ripening. Meticulous farming, combined with a great site are the receipt for a beautiful wine.

Closest Town: Graton; AVA: Russian River; Varietal: Chardonnay; Planted: Mid 2000s; Clone(s): Dijon 95; Rootstock: 3309; Soil Type: Gold Ridge; Aspect: Slightly western facing; Row Orientation: East/West.



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