Blue Farm

Blue Farm began in 2001 when viticulturist Anne Moller – Racke planted seven acres of pinot noir behind her historic Victorian farmhouse in Sonoma.

Anne designed the vineyard to produce one complete wine, blended from four clones.

In 2007, Anne helped her friend Timothy Mott with the planting and farming of his small vineyard of pinot noir, 1861, perched on a rocky hillside overlooking the town of Sonoma. A co-founder of Electronic Arts and executive of numerous start-ups, Tim and Anne then partnered in the expansion of Blue Farm.

Critically acclaimed winemaker Kenneth Juhasz has helped make Blue Farm’s small lot, single vineyard wines since 2003.

Blue Farm focuses on Burgundian grand cru style pinot noir and chardonnay wines, drawing on Anne’s distinctive enological experience.

In 1981, Anne arrived from Germany to Sonoma, where she worked with legendary winemaker André Tchelistchef. For over three decades, Anne has been farming some of California’s most celebrated vineyards.

In addition to her personal Blue Farm project, Anne is president and winegrower of 242 acres for The Donum Estate.

Living with the vineyard is the primary purpose of Anne’s craft. Her intuitive growing style develops wines of poise and power.

Today, five Blue Farm vineyards reach from Sonoma’s Valley to its Coast and to the Russian River. Blue Farm wines reveal exceptional discoveries from lands graced with natural gifts.

Blue Farm Bottlings:

Anne Katherina Vineyard, Carneros – Sonoma AVA (estate), Pinot Noir (480 cases)

Anne Katherina Vineyard – Farmhouse block, Carneros – Sonoma AVA, Pinot Noir (60 cases)

1861 Vineyard, Sonoma Valley AVA (estate), Pinot Noir (40 cases)

Gap’s Crown Vineyard, Sonoma Coast AVA, Chardonnay (160 cases) & Pinot Noir (215 cases)

Laceroni Vineyard, Russian River AVA, Chardonnay (240 cases)

King Ridge Vineyard, Fort Ross-Seaview AVA, Pinot Noir (190 cases)

King Ridge Vineyard – Hirsch Selection, Fort Ross-Seaview AVA, Pinot Noir (80 cases)



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